Angelo Murdeu’s Artisan Bakery
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The Traditional use of our products

Until twenty years ago it was the bread used for the families provision: covered of wool clothes, inside the characteristics "Asphodel baskets" (Corbulas) , the "Carasau bread " could be kept for one month or one month and half without losing its consistence and taste. It was the typical bread of pastoral and peasant areas and was soon used by the pioneers of the typical restaurants, conquering an immediate success. Today you can find it everywhere, even if often it s not produced with hard wheat bran and it is baked in electric ovens or worse in the conveyor ribbons of the small industry . For those  who are looking for genuineness and ancient tastes, or those who want to use it as a bruschetta for the " guttiau bread" with oil and salt or the " frattau bread ", a very good Carrasau Bread can be found at Gavoi in Barbagia. The first address is that of the Artisan Bakery Angelo Murdeu (Via Roma, 38Gavoi--NU 0784/53353) where you can find the “Fresa", the carasau bread with a rectangular shade suitable for the haversacks, refolded in two layers, a big one and thin one, made in two versions: with simple hard wheat bran, or with the addition of integral Artisan flour. Murdeu’s Bakery also produces the classical Carasau bread with a circular shape Riccardo Campanelli - Nuova Sardegna

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