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Production and Sale of Pane Carasau

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 The Artisan Bakery Angelo Murdeu, with its consolidate tradition and experience presents the production method  of Gavoi’s Bread. 


Quality - Culture - Tradition  
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The Bread we produce is a food conforming to the Barbaricina’s tradition and genuineness; the Carasau Bread (Sas Corrias), the Carasau Bread with a rectangular shape (Pane ‘e fresa) and the Costeddas are the three principal shapes of Gavoi’s food tradition. Three reasons, for which it is worth to taste our products,: Quality Culture Tradition 


Order the Artisan Bakery Angelo Murdeu’s Products, you’ll find it in Gavoi. The Bread Tradition of the centre of Sardinia.Quality of the best flours. Production Methods handed down from mother to child…everything assembled in a genuine, natural and guaranteed  product.

The Ear, the Shovel The Oven  

The good result of the bread and of the other traditional products depends, in the same measure, on the flour drawn by the grinding of the best hard wheat, on the dough, obtained with the correct doses of water, flour, salt and yeast and on  the oven. With these natural ingredients we get the genuineness of our traditional products.  Once we get the paste, experienced hands transform it in thin layers of pasta in order to obtain the “Corrias”; for the “Pane ‘e fresa” (Fresa Bread) we prepare some already risen loafs to get some thin and lengthened layers of pasta with a rectangular shape. This is  the moment in which the loafs are introduced with the shovel in the well warm oven. After the first baking, The Pane ‘e fresa and the Corrias,(Pane Carasau – Carasau Bread) are put into the oven again to be toasted and this process confers them the characteristic aspect and the crisp consistence typical of these products.

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  The Oven is rigorously a Firewood one, to confer the bread its particular taste. The oven is the protagonist of this last phase of the production process which has been handed down for centuries from mother to child. The single baking of the Costeddas renders them a soft and tasty bread proper for any use 



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